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Our Story

Jul 07, 2023

Natalie Cloutier

Welcome to our real estate investing adventure!

We’re Rob and Nat, two young professionals who started our journey with no money, but with a strong desire to build our dream business. We met in college while studying architectural technology and started dating soon after. Little did we know that our mutual passion for building would lead us on a path towards financial success.

Our story began when we purchased a condo at just 19 years old, with the help of a government program aimed at first-time homebuyers. However, we quickly realized that it was not the ideal home for us, given the high condo fees and unfavourable interest rate. Determined to find a better solution, we discovered Auto Construction loans and used this trade secret to build our first home.

From there, we added a basement apartment to help pay our expenses and realized the potential of this formula to become our dream business. We continued the process to build more homes for investment purposes and before we knew it, we had built a successful business and increased our net worth before age 30.

Our journey may not have been conventional, but we learned a ton early on. Real estate investing can be a lucrative and rewarding venture if done right. It can provide a steady stream of passive income, long-term wealth, and a sense of pride in creating something tangible. However, it also requires significant knowledge, strategy, planning, hard work, and dedication.

We hope that our story and the knowledge we’ve gained along the way will inspire and guide you on your own journey towards financial success.